Childhood Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is violation of the most fundamental rights and integrities, particularly when the abuse is perpetrated by someone in a position of authority over the victim. Since 2009, the Firm has focused its practice on the representation of survivors of sexual abuse, particularly in the context of clergy sexual abuse,  teacher/coach sexual abuse, or the sexual abuse of the incarcerated.

The Firm finds ways to dovetail litigation goals with therapeutic recovery goals. If a survivor wishes to pursue his or her objectives confidentially, the Firm will assist that survivor in doing so. Many of the survivors represented by the Firm were abused as children, years or decades ago. It is common that reporting of sexual abuse by children is suppressed and delayed, often for decades, but New Mexico law frequently preserves the legal claims of those survivors. ALL survivors of childhood sexual abuse should feel free to contact the Firm if they have questions about the legal remedies available to them.

Title IX

Title IX is a law that creates a private cause of action for victims of sexual abuse, harassment, or discrimination in federally-funded educational institutions. Hall & Monagle, LLC, has represented victims of sex-based discrimination in Title IX litigation against various educational institutions, often teaming up with Albuquerque attorney Lisa P. Ford (who can be reached by calling the Firm). Title IX remedies are implicated when school administrators have notice of sexual abuse, discrimination, or harassment, and do not take reasonable steps to remedy it. If you think you have been a victim of sexual abuse, discrimination, or harassment in a school setting, call the Firm at (505) 255 6300.

Civil Rights

Over the course of his legal career, Brad has handled over one hundred Federal civil rights cases of all kinds, including eight fatal police shooting cases against various law enforcement agencies across the Southwest. He has tried and settled cases involving First, Fourth, and Fourteenth Amendment claims, police brutality cases, illegal search and seizure cases, and many other constitutional or statutory claims. Since 2014, Levi has worked with Brad to represent victims of wrongful imprisonment, sexual abuse by law enforcement or corrections officers, and illegal search and seizure. The Firm sues police and other state actors if the situation calls for it, but also occasionally represents police officers and other state actors in their private lives, in employment claims against government agencies, or in whistleblower actions against the State.

Personal Injury

It seems like simple advice: be careful. Take reasonable steps to avoid harming others. We are taught these lessons from the time we are children. Indeed, these simple responsibilities form the basic foundation for a vast body of civil and criminal law.

Unfortunately, these simple responsibilities are often forgotten in the haste of modern life, or overwhelmed by other pressures. The growth of large institutions and corporations is driven by motives that lead to the reduction of people to numbers, factors in an unfeeling cost-benefit analysis. When this mentality takes hold, individuals, small groups, and sometimes entire communities are cast aside or run into the ground. Our Firm is dedicated to pursuing justice on behalf of all those harmed by the mentality that places power and profits over the welfare of human beings.

Providing a remedy for those who have been harmed by the carelessness of others is one of the oldest functions of human law. It remains one of the broadest and most widely practiced areas of modern law, and the Firm has a wealth of experience in representing the interests of injured individuals – particularly against institutional wrongdoers that have outgrown their willingness to protect the vulnerable.

Wrongful Death

Sometimes institutional negligence or someone’s individual carelessness can end in the wrongful death of innocent persons. These cases pose significant challenges, not just with regard to complex legal issues, but with regard to the uncertainties of the future, the grief of family and friends of the deceased, and the balancing of a wide array of clients’ interests.

Our Firm has handled dozens of wrongful death cases over the years, and has a great deal of experience in this area of complex litigation. Our close relationships with a number of certified mental health professionals allows not only for crucial access to mental health services, but helps to streamline communication between clients, therapists, and attorneys in a way that optimizes the value of therapeutic processes. We understand from experience that the ultimate goal of any legal action is for individuals to be healed and made whole, where possible, as much as possible, or if possible. Of course litigation cannot bring back a loved one, and all we can do is help marry accountability with therapeutic recovery into the concept of justice. In the particularly difficult circumstances of a wrongful death, an ethos stemming from this understanding can make a world of difference in any clients’ encounter with the civil legal system.

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